Topic 1 – Reflection

I am very grateful that Topic 1 was formally assessed as it allowed me to have a trial run with blogging. Having never written a blog before I personally found it very different to the academic style writing I’m used to submitting for University projects. This also allowed me to get to grips with how to use WordPress, for example learning how to include images and links and still make the whole blog post look presentable and nice!

The topic of Digital Residents and Visitors certainly threw me in at the deep end, it was a concept I’d never heard of before so I found myself reading quite deeply to try and get a proper understanding that I could convey through my post. One of the key notions I discovered was the idea of the two ideas being on a continuum scale and so when reading other bloggers post’s, like here, I was glad they picked up on the same ideas.

The two posts I decided two comment on were similarly theoretically grounded but both presented these ideas in different ways. The first one I reviewed had a good use of figures to help summarise a difficult topic to explain in purely words, it also focused quite heavily on where the blogger would place themselves in this continuum. I found this particularly interesting as I didn’t place a big importance on this in my own post, it was really insightful to see how their understanding of Digital Natives and Residents had impacted their online life. It is definitely something to consider when preparing for my next blog. The second one I found much more word heavy, which personally I struggled to read as it was combined with a complex topic – a note to take on board when laying out my own posts. Despite this I enjoyed the way the blog was worded, in particular the use of questions to challenge the reader into thinking about their own position within the Digital continuum.

“Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand.”
Amy Jo Martin

Overall through researching and writing my first blog, and further through reviewing other blogs and commenting on them, I have learnt a lot not only Digital Residents and Visitors but also how to better present and word my blog to intrigue and stimulate readers. Going forward I would consider how each topic effects and fits into my own digital life, as well as better ways to communicate.

Word count: 399 words

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Blog 2 –

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