Topic 3 Reflection

The topic of online identity is one I found really interesting! When I thought about creating an authentic professional profile, I perhaps naively assumed this meant having an update to date LinkedIn profile for employers to peruse at their leisure. I had a discussion with Emily on her blog about how surprised we both were that Facebook was second to LinkedIn for social media used in recruitment! I tried something a bit different with my blog title this week and tried to be a bit more creative and deviate from the normal topic title – it paid off as I received many more comments than I had in previous weeks, something Sharon noted in her comment!

It was really interesting to see other people’s take on professional identities and properly delve into discussions. In particular, I found Callum’s comment interesting and it made me think about how united all my social media profiles are and reminded me of the importance of staying professional in social contexts or even just being aware that everything you post online can be traced back to you! This led me to have a look at his blog and what struck me the most was how creative the graphics he created were, for my next post I will definitely look into using Canva to aid me in making my post more visually exciting. I also found the section “it’s not all about LinkedIn” really interesting as it challenged me to think of unusual platforms where jobs have been posted – for example there was a job advert that required you to post a video presentation to YouTube!

Things I did well:

  • Kept closer to the word limit
  • Being more creative

Things to improve on:

  • Creating my own graphics
  • Finding interesting and different sources

Word count: 295


Callum’s comment on my blog –

My comment on Callum’s blog –

My comment on Emily’s blog –

Sharon’s comment on my blog – 





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