Topic 4 Reflection

I think this has been my favourite topic so far. The flexibility and freedom resulted in really differing and interesting blog posts, which I personally found created the most engaging debates. I particularly enjoyed Catherine’s Blog – it dealt with a subject I think can be quite difficult to talk about at times, what happens when twitter goes wrong. I enjoyed Ed’s video at the beginning of his post. It meant an introduction was given to the reader straightaway and he didn’t need to use a high proportion of the word count explaining the basics rather than discussing his arguments. This is something which I haven’t included in my blogs yet, but I will definitely consider this for the next topic.

As mentioned, I really enjoyed the more in-depth debates surrounding the various topics. Ellie raised some interesting points about the importance of digital literacy and debating if a social media class could be used in schools to better educate children. As well as this, Sharon commented about how she would protect her own children in a situation like this – a perspective I hadn’t considered. This discussion highlighted what an ever evolving area this is, and how we may react today could be completely different in five years. We agreed a healthy balance between a controlled Internet access plus a constant discussion was the best way forward. This week I attempted to make my own graphics as an improvement on topic 3’s reflection, I think attempted is the key word here! I was happy to see that Ed mentioned this in his comment, but it is definitely something I still can improve on.


Things I did well:

  • Starting to produce own graphics
  • Discussion around topics


Things to improve on:

  • Including other types of media (videos etc.)
  • More complex self-produced graphics


Word count: 299


My comment on Ed’s Blog –

My comment on Catherine’s Blog –

Ellie’s comment on my blog –

Ed’s comment on my blog –

Sharon’s comment on my blog –


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