Topic 5 Reflection

Topic 5….wow that went quickly! These past five topics have really changed my understanding of not only the subjects themselves but also the benefits of blogging.

This week I really enjoyed reading around about Open Access. I think in particular how it relates to higher education institutions as it is something I frequently encounter with online journals. I thought Andy posed a really interesting alternative by suggesting how social media platforms such as Tumblr could be utilised as a new form of free, open access sites for academic literature. Despite this idea, my discussion with him concluded that although this is a great move for open access, these platforms lack the academic approval and thus content producers may be hesitant to post their work there.

I also enjoyed Carolina’s blog and how she related open access to everyday platforms such as Spotify. Our discussion was really insightful and made me realise that there is a clear difference in opinions between the content producers and the content accessors. How what is great for one may be detrimental for another. In the case of Spotify there was an article and quantified how much a stream on Spotify is worth vs how much a  purchased download is, with the latter much more fruitful. This is similar to how I spoke of the difference between the value of an online and offline copy.

Catherine’s comment on my blog raised an interesting point about bias, as the video to help explain open access was produced by a publishing company. I think this is important to note for future blogs – a balance between how helpful and how biased media content can be,

No things to improve on as this was my final topic, but lots to take away for possible blogging in the future!

Word count: 298 words


Catherine’s comment on my blog:

My comment on Andy’s Blog:

My comment on Carolina’s Blog:


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