Was it all worth it?

Progression. For me that is what this module has been about; learning and developing my understanding of life online in many areas, and reflecting on how this impacts my own, especially my online identity. At the beginning of the module we were asked to fill out a self-test and then reflect back on it once all topics were completed. The biggest thing I learnt – I thought I was much more experience and up to date with online life that I actually am!

Accessing, managing and evaluating online information

Figure 1: Self Test results before and after module, graphic created by myself using Canva

Figure 1 illustrates my personal ratings of my digital literacy both before and after the module. One to note in particular is online identity – I began with a 2 and concluded with a 4. Although I already had a LinkedIn profile it hadn’t been updated for around a year since I’d applied for jobs. Topic 3 showed me the importance of regularly maintaining and updating profiles, and as such I am now ensuring that I set time aside every other week to update my profile, post content or add connections. Already this has had a positive effect, as Figure 2 highlights my LinkedIn profile has improved to an advanced strength. Note the profile picture change!

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 16.30.48.png

Figure 2: Screenshot of my LinkedIn profile rating as of 16.05.17

I think this area resonated with me the most as I am about to graduate and begin looking for a real life job in the real world, and as such my online identity and presence is at the forefront of my mind. From Topic 3 realising having the same amount of time to impress an employer as a snapchat really shocked me and further my awareness of a need to make my first impression count!

Probably the biggest thing I have learnt in this module is that regularly writing and maintaining a blog is hard! I used to think writing a 3000-word essay was tough, it never occurred to me that writing only 400 words could be more difficult. Keeping content interesting and engaging for readers as well as indepthly researching topics gave me a greater understanding and development of skills.

Throughout the module I have developed an insight into various areas of living and working on the web, not just through writing my own blog but also through evaluating other posts. A great example of this was with the final topic; open access. Although my personal blog post for this wasn’t the strongest, reading and commenting on others allowed me to expand my thoughts. Although open access is primarily concentrated within the academic world, one I am soon to move away from, I learnt that it is also applicable in other spheres of online life, for example the platform Spotify – something I used pretty much every day!

This helped me realise that what I have been working on for the last semester actually will have an influence on online life. The topics covered were broad, and although I only focused on certain aspects, others focused on slightly different areas. Therefore, the whole process allowed me to continually reflect and expand on my own development of my online life.

So, was it all worth it?

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